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16 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Fys Tobacco says:

    I am an owner of an RYO retail shop. It is a shame that BIG TOBACCO must HIDE behind a TRANSPORTATION BILL in an attempt to eliminate any competition. The United States was built on the principles of free enterprise, but that appears to be a fading vison in the shadow of CORPORATE GREED. With the slow, fragile economic recovery, that has daily set backs, the last thing we need is for Corporate America to CLOSE “MAIN STREET”. Please STRIKE the BAUCUS BIG TOBACCO BAILOUT FROM THE TRANSPORTATION BILL, amendment 1825.

    • J. martin cromartie says:

      please void the big tobacco bailout! It eliminates jobs from our economy! please allow ryo shops to remain. R.J REYNOLDS and others shouldn’t hide behind a Transportation bill. Unfair practice if you ask me. RYO saves me money to spend to build the ecocnomy. Don’t pass this bill!!

  2. griselda zoubi says:

    i want to see the Baucus “roll your own” tobacco provision stricken from the highway bill.

  3. M Carlson says:

    Kill the bill! A RYO small business has NOTHING to do with highways! RYO businesses are needed in our communities. They create jobs and promote business. I thought that’s what we are all about!!!! Strike it from the highway bill! We’re tired of being thrown in front of the bus!

  4. Kathleen Rynearson says:

    I would like to see the Baucus “roll your own” tabacco provision stricken from the highway bill.
    These places not only employ many people, it hurts the small business, and takes more money out of the local communities. When I have to spend more money on big tobaccl cigs. I am not spending my money in my community. Therefore hurting not helping the recovery plan. This is just another way big tobacco wins.

  5. Tommy Chung says:

    it this bill passes, more than 4500 jobs lost in an instant!~!!!!!!
    20000 jobs could be lost!

  6. Lisa says:

    As an owner of an RYO store, it’s my understanding that this bill passed. We have been told it’s effective July 16th the stores will be shutting down. I can’t find anything on the internet saying this. Could you please dig into this and find out if it indeed did? Thanks in advance!!

  7. Tony says:

    We own Debbie’s Freedom Tobacco and I just called and was on the air on CSPAN when they are talking about the transportaton bill. Well as soon as I mentioned Section 100122 they smiled and said that this had nothing to do with the transportation bill and cut me off, did not mention a word then hung up on me. They don’t even know what is in the bill. . I think they should do research before airing a show. They either don’t know what is in the bill or don’t give a shit about us.

  8. freedom says:

    closed all retailer stores, all employee loss job, people still buy tobacco roll u own at home,, what is different? god bless dont pass bill…..

  9. Chad White says:

    I came across your page last week, & now I check it daily. Thank you for getting the newest information out about RYO businesses. I am a weekly customer to my neighborhood smoke shop, and I would hate to see them loose their jobs. I just wanted to say thank you. Chad White

  10. penny says:

    When you sign the highway bill H.R. 4348, please issue a signing statement to make Section 100122 null and void. It’s nothing more than a favor to the Big Tobacco companies, it will close my business and people will lose their jobs immediately! I’m a retailer, not a manufacturer. This isn’t good government. Please tell Congress you can’t in good conscience interpret Section 100122 as a fair way to conduct government.

  11. lynda Albert says:

    Any chance you could supply all the RYO stores with the names of the people that voted against the transportation bill. I would glady put their and only their names up in my store as to who should be reelected and who should not! Lyndfa Albert Tobacco Road PA

  12. Jake says:

    The only way RYO and the RYO store owners survive is to get ahold of Obama’s campaign bundlers and make a very large donation for him to review the section that pertains to these machines. Politicians are all bought and paid for!! I am sure big tobacco gave Baucus and Obama large sums of money to pass this bill. People should figure it out pretty soon, these politicians enter office as middle class citizens and leave as super rich people – doesn’t take a genious as to what is going on! America better wake up!! Term limits are needed immediately and all politicians must follow the laws they pass!! ada – healthcare being a prime example!!!

  13. Barb says:

    It was reported that the unemployment rate was unchanged at 8.2 percent, the Labor Department said today. SECTION 100122 of H.R.4348 is unconstitutional and an unbearable burden on a particular group of small businesses across the United States. People will lose their jobs immediately!!!!!! We are retailers, not manufacturers. Don’t force hundreds of people into unemployment! Now is the time to exercise your signing power. Save our small businesses and our jobs!

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