Mr. President, Defend the Constitution

Exactly WHO is responsible for teaching phone manners at the White House? When a person calls the White House to express his or her opinion about something, there’s a pretty good chance that “something” is very important to them. Hey, we all have pressures in our lives. It just so happens we are pressuring the President to preserve freedom!

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday, July 3, 2012! Just so you know, the White House comment line is usually staffed by college interns. They’re SUPPOSED to be kind, courteous and polite. They receive calls and they’re supposed to record the topic you’re calling about and the region from where the call came. The one thing EVERY intern is told is, “These are Americans from every walk of life, every state in the union, every political party, and they are concerned enough about something to call the most powerful office in the world. Be nice, because we work for them.”

Phone Message: I am asking President Obama to issue a signing statement with HR4348 making Section 100122 void because it is unconstitutional and it punishes me and my business. Thank you.

Twitter Message: @WhiteHouse POTUS, SEC.100122 of HR4348 is unconstitutional and punishes me! VOID it in your signing statement!

Facebook Message: Mr. President, you have regularly used your signing statement authority to void, append, nullify and add interpretation to provisions of legislation forced upon you by Congress. Section 100122 of the highway bill headed to your desk is a clear violation of Article I Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution. As mentioned in this open letter to you yesterday, Congress certainly has the authority to regulate commerce, but it does not have the right to punish one group in order to arbitrarily grant monopolies to certain industries. Making the practices of small business competition illegal by virtue of setting the bar for entrance into the marketplace unnecessarily high is anti-competitive and a gross abuse of power. That is exactly what Congress engaged in by inserting language into the highway bill to arbitrarily and immediately reclassify small retail tobacco shops as “manufacturers” if they provide services allowing customers to roll their own tobacco cigarettes. This reclassification, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will force the immediate closure of more than 1,000 small businesses across the United States. THEREFORE, we respectfully request you use your signing statement powers to interpret Section 100122 as unconstitutional and unenforceable under your administration. Will you save my job and my freedom, Mr. President?

We know you have a lot on your plate, Mr. President. But which freedoms are too small to defend? Who will defend us against unconstitutional attacks launched by the corrupt in Congress? How will our children view a government which acts to protect special interests at the expense of the people?

Warriors, this has been quite the journey. We are nearing the finish line. Tomorrow is Independence Day. A day to celebrate our freedom from tyranny. Let’s keep our spirits high, our voices raised, and our fingers typing because while they might not agree with us, they swore an oath to defend the Constitution. Tell them. Keep telling them. Never let them stop hearing us.

Be great. See you online!

– GR


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Call to leave a comment: 202-456-1111

Tell the President: “When you sign the highway bill H.R. 4348, please issue a signing statement to make Section 100122 null and void. It’s nothing more than a favor to the Big Tobacco companies, it will close my business and people will lose their jobs immediately! I’m a retailer, not a manufacturer. This isn’t good government. Please tell Congress you can’t in good conscience interpret Section 100122 as a fair way to conduct government.”


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8 thoughts on “Mr. President, Defend the Constitution

  1. Dena says:

    I have been tweeting to all of the above and low and behold my twitter account has been suspended. Has anyone else had this issue??? This is devasting and attempting to do my part in saving these businesses!!!!! First the site was down to sign the petition and now my twitter account? FRUSTRATED!!!!

    • taxtracker says:

      You can go through a process to get your account unsuspended, but might be faster to start another Twitter account using a different email address. Careful when you Tweet – don’t “@xyz” too many people too quickly because Twitter will think you’re a spammer. I space my “@xyz” tweets out like a couple every five minutes or so.

    • i was in twitter “jail” a few times already, getting unsuspended isnt that hard, the last time would of been for a long time, but i sent them a sob story beggin for another chance…it happens. once you go past the “click here to unsuspend” part and get in trouble again, you have to send them an email through their help section and then they make you ack. the fact that you understand their “spamming rules” by replying to the email they send you and then they will release you from jail. lol

  2. Cheryl says:

    Woman Down! 🙂 Don’t give up hope Dena! Twitter will do that to you if you tweet the same people to often Twitter considers it spamming for lack of a better word. Not sure what Twitters latest policy is about getting your account reactivated.. I’ve solicited my friends to Retweet for me to keep the messages moving. I personally want to thank you for your efforts.

  3. Mary Mickey says:

    Leaving a comment on the White House Comment Line is like talking to God. You’re not sure he’s listening but you’re hoping! I was laid off three years ago and cashed in my 401K to start my RYO shop. I pay taxes, employee four good people who were formerly unemployed. Too bad our Representatives wouldn’t help us get the amendment removed, they speak of creating jobs yet are going to penalize us for doing so. Shame on them, shame, shame, shame!! It is a wonder why people are so anti-government??!!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Am I the only one confused here? Sen. Max Baucus authors language that labels RYO retailers as Manufactures in order to close a so called Tax Loophole. However, the way the language is written it doesn’t close the loophole it closes the retailer completely. So question 1: How does this language increase tax revenue to the federal government and states when the RYO retailers are shut down? question 2: Didn’t Sen. Baucus read the TTB permit requirements before he decided to author this language?

    Now comes the stupid questions… The original goal of the Tobacco Master Settlement was for sellers of tobacco products to pay taxes to fund the American Cancer Society’s research programs and educational programs along with Smoke Free America programs. Not to mention the increase in Tax was to potentially reduce the number of smokers, basically taxing you out of your habit. stupid question 1: If you raise tax to get people to quit, and people actually do quit, does funding increase or decrease?

    I personally think there are a few people that need to take a basic math class.

    After reading several news stories regarding the RYO retailers, I’m questioning the intelligence of the people that are to be governing this country.

  5. Matt says:

    Regarding the 2012 Highway Bill (H.R.4348) sec. 100122

    Roll With It, Inc. Co-Owner Matt Corenswet

    This business has been my life the past 16 months. It has been a very special place to me and my customers. I know all of them by name and consider them friends. The issue we’re facing here is not about smokers verses non-smokers. What we have here is “Big Tobacco” spending millions of dollars lobbying to secure their monopoly, at the expense of small business and the people. This type of political maneuver – to arbitrarily grant monopolies to certain industries by making the practices of smaller competition illegal by virtue of setting the bar for entrance into the marketplace unnecessarily high – should concern all Americans.

    Recently I attended a town hall meeting with Diane Black who is one of the sponsors of the bill. She said to me, regarding this bill, that it’s not up to the government to dictate winners and losers, when in fact that’s exactly what this unconstitutional bill is about.

    • C.L. Piggott says:

      You are spot on.
      MONEY that’s what talks…and Big Tobacco has it. They bought out the legislators in my state and they just did the same at the federal level.
      I invested in a RYO machine and started my business 16 months ago to supplement my retirement. We did just what this administration wanted, started a small business and employed people but all that flew out the window when Big Tobacco waved the green stuff.
      Dont you find this rather ironic when it was this administration that raised the tax on cigarettes 2000% in 2008.
      Why doesnt Big Tobacco go after Washington instead of swatting at us small fries!

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