Operation 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

It’s on.

When tyrants step on our tired and wounded bodies, we do not shrink. We grab their foot, twist their ankle, and push them off balance so we can regain ours.

We are taking our fight to the White House.


GOOD AFTERNOON! It’s Saturday, June 30, 2012, and after a few hours of cursing and sulking about Congress’s bastardization of government, I’m filing an update laced with hope.

As you might know, the White House is NOT able to sign the highway bill, yet. Congress stuffed so much stuff in the bill, the evil dwarves on Capitol Hill are still putting the final touches on the bill before they send it to 1600 Penn. Consequently, President Obama was forced to sign a ONE WEEK extension of current law while he waits for the new bill. The new bill contains that POISON provision that will stop all RYO operations indefinitely, and now it appears that bill won’t be signed into law until July 6.

SO, between now and then we still have our freedom to roll our own AND we have a new target. We are asking President Obama to save us.

The President does NOT have the authority to “line item” veto stuff. The White House lost that authority in 1998 when the U.S. Supreme Court took it away. BUT, the President CAN issue a “signing statement” along with the bill he signs into law. That means he can write little notes on the new law that say things like, “I don’t like this provision, so the way I interpret it means I’m not going to enforce it,” and stuff like that.

This is our last chance before the bill becomes law. The President will not veto this massive bill because it contains 95% of what he wants. We’re going to tell him we are part of the 5% he must disavow in the signing statement.

Presidents have the power, and have exercised this power, to attach “signing statements” to bills they sign into law. It alerts Congress to which provisions he interprets as a violation of his constitutional authority as the chief of the executive branch of government.

Get ready warriors. We have to be great in numbers and very loud. The target list is much smaller now, so the number of people involved in this effort on our side is going to be critically important.

TARGETS: Watch http://TaxTracker.wordpress.com for George’s updates on who and how to target. In the meantime, post on Facebook accounts for the White House. Send several messages by posting on their different posts. If they post a news release, “comment” on that. If they post a picture, “comment” on that. If they respond to you, respond right back.

Today’s Message: @BarackObama pls VOID the #BigTobacco bailout in the highway bill! It eliminates #jobs from our economy! http://bit.ly/NewTax


Start by posting messages on http://www.facebook.com/WhiteHouse and http://www.facebook.com/barackobama


Start by tweeting a few messages to:

  • @whitehouse
  • @WHLive
  • @blog44
  • @BarackObama
  • @AskObama
  • @MichelleObama

Hit it hard and MAYBE we can convince the White House to undo what Congress perpetrated on us. Let’s go.

– GR

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5 thoughts on “Operation 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

  1. sandra says:

    we need to have the big tobacco bill voided it not only causes people to lose jobs it makes it hard for people with little income exp vets and elderly to cont. to purchase tobacco

  2. Amanda says:

    I believe we need to have the big tobacco bill voided. I work for one of the stores. Look at it from this view…. all of these stores have provided employees with things like a job that gets them off of unemployment and able to help provide for themselves and/or family keeping people off the streets and in a home that they can now afford by having a job. Customers point of view… they can come to us for a cheaper price and still get there nicotine fix. Theres alot of people who just simply cant afford to go and by a pack or a carton of namebrand cigarettes. Example… people on a fixed monthly income. Shutting down these stores isnt going to help. These people are going to quit smoking before spending $60 on a carton. So the taxes still are not getting paid. This bill is going to cause damage. I as well as many other people are going to be out of a job and forced to collect unemployment. Only a select few of us will land a job else where. So why make the unemployment rate climb. Leave well enough alone… These stores are not hurting anyone besides the manufactures of namebrand cigarettes and some convenience stores that sell there products. The manufactures are still making money… there are still plenty of people that are buying namebrand cigarettes, and the convenience stores have other things going for them that people thrive for like food drinks snacks gas… etc. But Us all we have is these machines that are going to keep us in business and families off the streets. Dont Take That Away From Us.

  3. Angelia says:

    VOID the big tobacco bill.. Signing this bill and not fully looking through not only hurts small businesses that are trying to make it out here in the economy, it also hurts the low income. We all work hard for our money and we want to spend it to the best and make every penny count. Please don’t void the big tobacco bill. It will hurt sooo many if you don’t .. We want to keep america going. Some us of us support the machines and the small businesses that have them.

  4. Angelia says:

    VOID the Big Tobacco Bill !!!!!!!

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