More Time?

Behold the Phoenix! Rising slowly, majestically from the ashes.

I found the following on Facebook a few minutes ago and wanted to share! 


URGENT UPDATE! Attention RYO Filling Station Owners/ Customers! Our legal team has learned that President Obama has signed an extension on the OLD Highway bill to ensure the road projects continue nationally. The NEW bill that eliminates legal operation of our industry has not been typed yet and isn’t ready to sign. What does this mean? We at RYO Machine will continue operating until Friday, July 6th and our retailers may do the same.
This is a welcome surprise to all of us. Keep watching this page for more updates.


A brief reprieve caused by the enormous gears of our bureaucratic (and sometimes dishonest) government! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find something else to delay the bastards again in the next few days? Wouldn’t that be something… I’ll post any further updates I receive. Go roll!

– GR


One thought on “More Time?

  1. Carol Schell says:

    I am against the tax bailout bill for Big Tobacco. This is a fight for the Roll Your Own industry. We need your help! Please reach out to your colleagues in Washinton. This is a very unfair bill for small business. Time is of the essence. Thank you for help in advance.

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