Something Died Today

A piece of free enterprise died today.

Well, they did it. Today, both houses of Congress passed the highway bill containing the poison pill for people who like to roll their own smokes. Effective Saturday night at midnight, this piece of the American Dream is foreclosed upon. Thank you Big Tobacco, for helping open our eyes to the ways of Washington, the ways of corrupt government, and what it takes to buy a monopoly.

To those who’ve faithfully followed this issue and done so much great work to fight this Big Tobacco favor, I encourage you to keep fighting. Keep hope alive, and think about running for public office! You’ve seen first hand how people get screwed over by the Federal government. Make a difference and get involved in local, state, federal politics and make a difference!

As I have said to so many of you, we are on the right side of this matter. Every freedom is worth defending. We will encounter roadblocks, but with strength and persistence, we can overcome them. This is a significant setback and will cause hardship for many. But believe in and keep looking for a solution.

I will send along any updates I receive, and if you hear something good just comment here or email me: g.renome5 (AT)

See you online.

– GR


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7 thoughts on “Something Died Today

  1. lynda Albert says:

    Thanks for trying so hard! You did a great job for all of our small businesses!

  2. Cheryl says:

    For me personally, this ruling makes me want to fight even harder. I don’t own a store, I don’t smoke, I don’t even have a personal investment in RYO… However I do have an investment in the future of my children and the country in which FREEDOM, of choice and equality was fought, for centuries. Today the individuals that ruled in favor of this bill and who where put there to upload those freedoms were bought, and BIG Tobacco paid the bill. Its a very sad day…

  3. Zach says:

    I work at a RYO smoke shop, and I am so upset that they did this. Supposedly this will save 100 million dollars because we are avoiding cigarette tobacco taxes? How!? We don’t USE cigarette tobacco!!! We use pipe tobacco, which is not taxed as heavily as cigarette tobacco. This is simply about money, and taking away yet another of our rights.

  4. One of the People says:

    Dear Representative Cantor,

    Congratulations on successfully slamming the door in the face of small business owners across the nation. I hope you’ve given yourself a big pat on the back. You’ve single handedly put 1000’s of people out of work, and not just the retail shop owners, but also the manufacturers RYO machines, along with the small job shops that produce individual components for RYO machines. Way to crush the individual entrepreneurial spirit of your fellow Americans. I hope and pray this finds its way to the Supreme Court, and justice is restored.

    I personally, strongly disagree with your stand on this matter. RYO retailers are NOT manufacturers; we the customers manufacture our own cigarettes, on rented equipment! Using legally purchased, and tax, pipe tobacco. Instead of shutting down these retail shops, couldn’t you have imposed some kind of additional Tax, I mean, isn’t that what Washington does? But, then again, that wouldn’t have solved the underlying issue. RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris losing business selling their cigarettes laced with 100’s of chemicals, along with the Federal Government and individual States losing precious tax dollars on a ridiculously overtaxed product.

    I believe it may be time for you to take a closer look at your career choice. Whatever happened to “By the People, for the People”, nowadays it reads more like “By the People, for BIG BUSINESS”. It’s sad this Bill was passed only 6 days before the 4th of July, Independence Day. Way to hallmark our independence from taxation without representation by passing legislation to recoup Washington’s waning Tax Dollars. Not to forget, giving 1000’s of people additional time off for the Holiday, by closing down their shops.

    Have a Happy 4th,
    Just one of the People.

  5. Cheryl Coleman says:

    I would also like to thank you for trying so hard. I hate whats happening to this country. Since I’ll be unemployed, I plan to use my time filling out applications and working for Gary Johnson’s campaign.

  6. Jennifer Davis says:

    Im an sick at the thought that I just lost my job…the only means of supporting my family.I have 4 kids to support. I knew it was coming but all the emails RYO was sending out to retailers made us believe that we had a fighting chance…when in fact we never had one to begin with. Thanks US government!

  7. Trina Johnson says:

    I work at a RYO shop…and am a smoker. In this economy they preach about small business and getting people back to work and here they go again getting people laid off and losing many small businesses. I thought we lived in America with FREEDOM of Choice!? I Guess NOT! I for one choose to smoke and choose to Roll my own smokes and refuse to bow down to the big tobacco company’s backdoor tactic’s! I will continue to fight for my right’s and those of all American’s!

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