Friday Message: Kill the Bill

Kill the highway bill now…

Hello and welcome to Friday, June 28, 2012. We’ve been in the trenches for a while now and we have fought with honor and integrity. My hats are off to all of you.

I started this blog because I found out about a dirty move by the Big Tobacco companies to shut down the “roll your own” industry using Congress to “reclassify” small retail tobacco shops as manufacturers, heaping suffocating new taxes and regulations on them. Well, the Big Tobacco companies spent a few million dollars, hired a few dozen lobbyists, and canvassed Capitol Hill spreading cash in the form of campaign contributions on lawmakers. Money talks. Big Tobacco succeeded in getting their provision in the highway bill, and under the rules of the House and Senate, the provision cannot be stripped out of the final conference report bill. Our ONLY chance now is to see the demise of the highway/student loans/flood insurance/debt accumulating bill. Kill the bill.

We are not the only ones fighting the highway bill.

Heritage Action for America wants the bill dead. Heritage Action wrote:

“The transportation portion authorizes $53.3 billion per year in spending, $15 billion more per year than the plan proposed by House Republicans last July, which would have successfully “realigned” spending with revenues coming into the federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF). According to the most recent estimates, spending will outpace HTF revenues by nearly $16 billion per year. Congress should make the transportation program live within its means unlike the disastrous 2005 transportation bill that resulted in tens of billions in general fund transfers.”

Club for Growth wants the bill dead. When the bill was still a few billion dollars smaller, the Club wrote:

“Supporters of the bill will claim that there are plenty of positive reforms in the bill, like no earmarks or enhancement projects, but it’s still a remarkably bloated and inefficient piece of legislation. True reform would devolve infrastructure building and maintenance back to the states and end or greatly reduce the federal gas tax.”

These conservative groups work to throw people out of office if they don’t stick to their principles. The lawmakers we’ve been talking to these last few weeks care about “key votes” and “conservative scoring” so let’s use that to our advantage. Spread the word that if they support the highway bill, their precious images will be tarnished.

OUR MISSION: Facebook and Twitter. Today and tomorrow, use these messages:

Message 1: @LawmakerXYZ VOTE NO on the highway bill! It’s bloated; it TAXES my #smallbiz out of existence!

Message 2: @LawmakerXYZ #HeritageAction is scoring your vote on the highway bill VOTE NO

Message 3: @LawmakerXYZ #Club4Growth is scoring your vote on the highway bill VOTE NO

Use this link to find your targets >>> TARGETS

As you fight today warriors, think of all our friends who valiantly stood up to Congress and Big Tobacco, and remember all those who sold us out. Remember the lies they told us as they were sticking their knives into our backs. And remember that no matter what, we will ultimately win. Our strength is our persistence.

See you online.

– GR

We deserve better.

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