Who Needs Approval?

Looking at the big picture, it really is no wonder the Congress as a whole has an approval rating somewhere between spilled milk and a three-day old fish that’s been sitting in your sun porch. The people we’ve sent to Washington to be our voices tell us one thing at home, but then do an entirely different thing when they get to Washington. Such activity isn’t new, but it is more readily known now due to the Internet’s instant access to information. Also, this type of betrayal has given great rise to groups like the Tea Party, the Occupy movement, and No Labels. But even those groups have been infiltrated by the double-talkers.Good morning and happy Saturday, June 16, 2012. Did you know there are roughly 340 million new Tweets created every day? That’s why we’re here and that’s why we have to be persistent. Our mission is to keep popping up and keep exposing the Big Tobacco bailout hidden in the highway bill, and to expose HR4134 as a dirty Big Tobacco bailout.

The places we’re talking and the amount of talking we’re doing is making a big difference. It’s kind of like standing across the street from your favorite member of Congress’s office and shouting. Sometimes the congressman hears us; sometimes his constituents passing by hear us; pretty much all the time the congressman’s staff hears us. Good stuff, right? It’s Father’s Day weekend so I’ll be brief so you can get outside and clean off the bar-b-que.

CONGRESSIONAL UPDATE: Both the House and the Senate are in session next week and there will be a push to get some kind of compromise highway bill through. The Senate continues to pretend they’re royalty and won’t negotiate with the House. The House continues pretending they’re drunk commoners set on buying that stallion next door for a bag of doody. Both sides still seem far apart, and neither side will commit to telling us they’re getting rid of the Big Tobacco bailout provision. All sides seem resigned to a clean extension of the current program while they work out a bigger bill, so keep your eyes on this because I’m sure Big Tobacco’s lobbyists still have some tricks up their sleeve.

U.S. Rep. Diane Black (R-Tennessee) drinking at Big Tobacco’s campaign trough at both the State and Federal levels.

A Ugandan water buffalo taking a swim.

By the way, I was contacted by the Water Buffalo Preservation Society of Uganda yesterday, and they’re none too happy with my continued posting of pictures of water buffalos next to pictures of U.S. Rep. Diane Black (R-Tennessee). I’m not really sure what their beef is, so for the time being I’m going to ignore them.

OUR MISSION: Continue the open dialogue with your local members of Congress, members of the highway bill conference committee, and House and Senate leadership. What’s also effective is “replying” to those members who post new stuff to Facebook and Twitter. My rule is, if they’re posting, they’re listening and we have something to say. So let’s go get them troops and PLEASE be careful. The weekends are notorious for throwing people into Twitter jail. Follow the “4-4-4” rule with your “@LawmakerXYZ” practice and you’ll be fine. (Retweet as MUCH as you want because it’s not registering as spam in the Twitterverse).


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