Two Critical Weeks…

I’ll be brief because we have a LOT of work to do today and in the coming two weeks.

Hello and welcome to the Thursday, June 7, 2012 edition of TaxTracker – a blog dedicated to exposing and stopping the Big Tobacco bailout.

We’re in the window. Between now and June 30, Congress will either pass a new highway bill, or it won’t. June 30 is when the current highway bill extension expires. If members fail to pass a big highway bill, Congress can approve another extension, but a lot of people want the big burrito. If Congress passes one of the Senate versions of a highway bill, it’s likely to contain the Big Tobacco bailout. That would be BAD news. Bad news for people like me who like to roll my own smokes. Bad news for more than 1,000 small businesses offering custom tobacco blends and roll your own services. Bad news for the people working at those 1,000-plus small businesses. The only people happy if the Big Tobacco bailout is approved are the Big Tobacco executives eyeing their next yacht or private jet purchase.

Published in Politico newspaper, Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Congressman John Mica (R-Florida) confirms we’re in “two critical weeks.” My advice to members of Congress looking at this big mess is this: Haste makes waste. Hasty actions by Congress are dangerous. Read the bill and don’t waste your opportunity to strip the Big Tobacco bailout from the highway bill.

TODAY’S MESSAGE: @LawmakerXYZ Don’t pollute the highway bill with a #BigTobacco bailout. Save jobs. STOP HR4134.

FOCUS: These people are the House highway bill negotiators. They have the power to strip the Big Tobacco bailout from the highway bill. They are our first line of defense against the U.S. Government taking away our ability to roll our own smokes. We MUST encourage them to stand firm against letting Big Tobacco dictate terms that amount to unfair competition.



TEAM MISSION: Keep up your great actions. You are making a lot of noise, and a remarkable difference. If we relent, we lose. If we blink, Big Tobacco will swoop in like a vulture pounces on putrid road kill. Talk with your local members of Congress. Talk to the people on the list above. Report your progress. Facebook, Twitter, phone, email, graffiti on the local tavern. Encourage like-minded people to weigh in with their members of Congress. The Big Tobacco bailout is the dirtiest scheme I’ve seen in a long time, so let’s expose it AND stop it! Over and out.

– GR

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