Tuesday Midday Update: HERO IDENTIFIED

How great is this?! At long last, we can identify a member of Congress who is STANDING UP for the little guy in our fight against Big Tobacco! U.S. Representative Steven C. LaTourette from the 14th congressional district in Ohio has sent a letter to his colleagues URGING THEM TO DROP the Big Tobacco bailout from the 2012 highway bill! Our insiders on Capitol Hill report to us his letter is being circulated to ALL offices on the Hill, educating each and every lawmaker about the evil provision, and how wrong it is.

[UPDATE 1:29pm ET]

We now have TEXT of Congressman LaTourette’s letter! Read on fellow warrior…


Dear Colleague:

Please join us in urging the members of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Conference committee not to include an onerous provision in the final Highway bill.  The Senate Surface Transportation Reauthorization contains a provision that would eliminate competition from small businesses. It is imperative this provision not be included in the final Highway bill as over one thousand small businesses and their customers across the nation will suffer harmful effects.

Included in the Senate Transportation Reauthorization is a provision that would classify retail establishments that offer roll-your-own tobacco machines as large scale manufacturers of tobacco.  With this classification comes higher taxes which will impose a crushing burden on these establishments. This provision is in opposition to the spirit of this legislation which is to create jobs and to bolster the economy, not to impose further regulation.

Please join us in opposing this provision. If you have questions or would like to sign on to this letter to the Conference Committee, please contact STAFF PERSONNEL INFORMATION REDACTED BY GEORGE RENOME in Representative LaTourette’s office.

Steve LaTourette

Member of Congress

Keep rockin’ Congressman LaTourette!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for standing up for small business and fairness! Even more, thank you for helping us FIGHT Big Tobacco and their anti-competitive bailout bill, H.R.4134. We owe you a debt of gratitude and our support. If there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know and we will mobilize for you!

Thanks for reading this mid-day update. Please thank Congressman LaTourette when you have a moment on Facebook and Twitter and keep the pressure on the other lawmakers!


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