That Dog Don’t Hunt

Cute, right? Did you know dogs have been man’s friend, work associate and companion for more than 14,000 years? They do all kinds of neat stuff like help us hunt, herd livestock, find lost children, guide us, and even sniff out bad stuff at airports. The most popular saying about dogs? They’re man’s best friend.

You know what else they say about dogs? If you want a friend in Washington, buy a dog.

Our elected members of Congress want you to think they’re our friends. They want you to think they move through Congress as if they’re in an alien culture surrounded by greed, corruption and scandal. They, however, are as pure and clean as the wind-driven snow, always acting with pure altruism and simply looking out for your best interests. You know what I think of that? It’s pure poppycock.

Take for instance H.R. 4134, the move by Congress to SELLOUT small businesses so they can do a favor for Big Tobacco. Oh, Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana) and Representative Diane Black (R-Tennessee) will tell you they’re just trying to ensure everyone pays their fair share in taxes, but the reality is they’re sneaky, they’re doing something corrupt, and they are doing Big Tobacco’s bidding. How do I know? I know because there’s another saying about stuff that goes on in Washington, D.C.: “Follow the dollar.”

We’ve documented through public disclosure records that Big Tobacco has hired more than a couple dozen lobby firms and spent well over $2 million dollars on pushing H.R. 4134 in the first three months of 2012. Altria alone had 15 separate filings in this area. What is TRULY odd about this is H.R.4134 didn’t even exist as an introduced bill until March 5, 2012. So, for Altria and the other Big Tobacco companies to swarm and invest MILLIONS of DOLLARS to push H.R.4134 tells me the bill and lobbying effort was a grand and coordinated plan.

TODAY’S MESSAGE: @LAWMAKERXYZ Lobbyists are getting MILLIONS to push #BigTobacco bailout HR4134. STOP them. Save my job.  

OUR MISSION: We’re pressing ALL members of Congress (especially your local Representative) to tell us where they stand on the Big Tobacco bailout. The House of Representatives is in recess right now so that means most lawmakers are in their home town, looking to talk to you. Meet with them. Ask them a question at a public event. Make sure they tell you where they stand on this Big Tobacco bailout that serves only to strengthen Big Tobacco’s monopoly on cigarettes. I like to roll my own smokes, and if you do too, it is critical we STOP H.R.4134 and stop it now. Facebook, Twitter, phone, email, smoke signals. Let’s go!


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