Evil Big Tobacco’s Apprentice

Evil Wizard Voldemort aka Big Tobacco

Today’s Message: @LawmakerXYZ and John Boehner: What’s dirtier than a #BigTobacco bailout? Nothing. http://bit.ly/NewTax

[We’re keeping this message all weekend to make sure it rings LOUD and CLEAR]

CONGRESSIONAL UPDATE: The 2012 transportation continues inside negotiations between the House and Senate. The leaders from each body are not revealing much except that they’re continuing to talk. The latest public development is the House of Representatives agreed to a non-binding resolution to include the Keystone Pipeline in the final bill. This is significant because that’s a major sticking point between the House and Senate. A majority of the House wants the pipeline in the bill; and Senate Democratic leaders do not. My thought: The enemy of our enemy is our friend. We’ll continue to bring updates.

PS – Don’t think I forgot about revealing our House heroes who are now championing our cause! I will when I can. They’re rounding up support from colleagues and if we expose them too soon, Voldemort the evil wizard and dark lord of lies Big Tobacco will swoop in and try to crush them.

Town Hall Meeting

You know what’s a lot of fun? Surprises. You know what members of the U.S. Congress don’t like when they hold a town hall in their home town? Surprises.

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives begin a week-long recess today, meaning they can’t cause MUCH trouble while they’re outside of Washington. This means lawmakers will be back in their home town areas, holding events staged for the media like business tours, community club speeches, and perhaps the rare White Siberian Tiger of public events — the town hall meeting. PLEASE, if you find out about a town hall meeting, do the following:

  • Report it via comments here and Twitter/Facebook;
  • Attend the town hall if you can and plan to ask questions about the Big Tobacco bailout;
  • See if you can gather others sympathetic to our cause to attend with you; and
  • Report back what the lawmaker said.

I realize we all live busy lives, but if you can get a member to state their position publicly on how they feel about the Big Tobacco bailout – that’s gold. Whether they stick to their public word is a whole different story. But at least we can draw attention to their public words and treacherous private actions. In other words, the whole “say one thing and do another” plays well when we tell our story.

WHAT? Members of Congress sometimes SAY one thing and DO another? Yes. For instance, Congressman Lee Terry (R-Nebraska) pledged to me and all his constituents in a Twitter town hall that he would NOT raise taxes as part of the transportation bill. That was before his primary victory this last Tuesday over a crowded field of competitors. Then AFTER Tuesday’s results when he skated by to win the race, what did Terry do? He signed on to HR4134, the Big Tobacco bailout. Turncoat and traitor doesn’t even BEGIN to touch on the feelings we have for people of this ilk. So Congressman Terry, we hope you enjoy wallowing in Big Tobacco’s money and dirty bailout scheme. We will do everything we can to ensure the conservatives in your area know what you did. Maybe your signing onto HR4134 was a mistake. Maybe it was an oversight. Maybe a legislative assistant or your legislative director slid one by you by accident. Why don’t you tell us what happened? Otherwise, it looks like you misled us before the primary, and then paid off Big Tobacco immediately after you got your primary win. We can’t wait to review the Federal Election Commission reports…

Voldemort’s Apprentice Who Sold Out Small Business in Favor of a Big Tobacco Bailout: Rep. Lee Terry (R-Nebraska)

Please hit hard and keep up the noise! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you online at Twitter, Facebook and beyond!


– GR

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