You Can’t Keep a Good Fighter Down

It’s Friday, May 11, 2012 and we’re still throwing punches. Rocky never gave up, and we won’t either. Big Tobacco and the members of Congress who’ve sold out to Big Tobacco can keep busting our ribs and blacking our eyes, but they can’t keep a good fighter down.

Today’s Message: (@Lawmaker) I’m fighting for #Jobs by fighting the #BigTobacco bailout in the highway bill. 

Obviously, you’ll want to replace (@Lawmaker) with an appropriate Twitter handle. Tweet this a couple times to your local member of Congress, ESPECIALLY if they’re on the list below. Then maybe send three or four tweets to other folks on this list. Careful not to send too many tweets too close together. I don’t want to have to bail any of you out of Twitter jail!




CONGRESSIONAL UPDATE: Like chickens scratching the earth, talks continue on the 2012 highway bill. House and Senate lawmakers continue meeting and a whole lot of nothing seems to be happening. New York Congressman Richard Hanna, asked about the talks told Politico, “As far as I know, everything everywhere is up in the air.”  Please remember, this highway bill is the bill where the Senate inserted that poisonous language killing small Mom & Pop tobacco shops by reclassifying them as “tobacco manufacturing facilities.” Our goal is to see that language stricken, and according to several soldiers in our army, lawmakers are beginning to like our position. When our folks explain it, the Congress folks immediately understand the smelly crap Big Tobacco is heaping on small business in the name of enhancing their already mammoth 99% of the market monopoly.

Your instructions for the weekend: BE A PEST! KEEP TYPING! Let’s stay active on Twitter and Facebook. If you have an opportunity to see your local member of Congress, ASK THEM their position on the Big Tobacco bailout. BTW, I took an in-depth look at what we’re doing on Facebook and it is TOTALLY awesome! Your work is keeping us alive. Your drawing attention is having an impact. Let’s keep pressuring lawmakers to strike the Big Tobacco bailout by shining sunlight on their back room deal they snuck into the highway bill!

ONE MORE THING. Tomorrow, we’re going to post the latest Dirty Dozen list of lawmakers who’ve sold out to Big Tobacco. The list I post tomorrow will be members who will inducted into the Hall of Shame for doing Big Tobacco’s bidding by trying to shut us down. So let’s prepare to give them a warm and LOUD welcome to Badsville.

– GR


One thought on “You Can’t Keep a Good Fighter Down

  1. […] after 9pm! Each time, “talk” to four members on the highway bill conference committee (click here for the list). If you post more than four direct contacts with lawmakers, the Facebook and Twitter algorithms […]

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