Day Before the New Dawn

Congress meets to hammer out a 2012 Transportation Bill tomorrow.
Will Big Tobacco get their bailout?

Warriors, this is it. We are outside the enemy fortress and positioned to rush the gate. We must FULLY engage.

Today’s Message: Congress, only YOU can prevent a #jobs killing bailout. STRIP #BigTobacco OUT of the highway bill.

Congress is back in session this week, and all eyes are on the 47 members of the House and Senate who will hammer out a 2012 transportation reauthorization bill. These lawmakers will take their two competing versions of a transportation bill, vote on each differing provision, and come up with a final package. The Senate bill carries the poisonous provision to reclassify small tobacco shops as “tobacco manufacturing facilities” even though they’re not. The House bill contains no such provision. Our aim: Reach as many members of this committee and let them know, the Senate’s Big Tobacco bailout must GO!

My suggestion: Focus your Facebook and Twitter efforts HEAVILY on these members today. They are the first line of defense. They have the power to STOP Big Tobacco and save hundreds and maybe thousands of jobs. The more different voices they hear, the more they will understand. If you need more information about the Big Tobacco bailout, take a look at some of the previous posts. We can stop Big Tobacco, but only if members KNOW just how bad this bailout is. Let’s make today our BIGGEST day yet!


(But also don’t forget to space out your Tweets and remember, too many @lawmaker mentions in a row can lead to account suspension)

Talk to these members NOW on Facebook and Twitter!! For Republicans, end your tweets with #GOP. For Democrats use #DEM.



 – GR
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