Saturday Rewind: A billion dollar industry begging for a US Government bailout

Saturday’s Message: A billion dollar industry begging 4 a US GOVT bailout? Tell Congress STOP the #BigTobacco bailout. #Jobs

I’ve thrown a LOT of material at you this week, so I’ll be brief. This coming Tuesday, members of Congress will sit down and start voting on individual provisions of the 2012 transportation reauthorization bill. They’ll throw some provisions out, and keep others. Our hope is this committee of House members and Senators will REJECT the Big Tobacco bailout and throw that provision where it belongs – in the TRASH!

You can help by continuing to reach out to members of Congress. Scroll through some of my previous posts for lists of folks to hit.

Weekend Instructions: Engage a few members in the morning and a few members in the afternoon. Take a few minutes for Facebook. And if you have time, take a few minutes to post in the comments section of online news stories. I’ve also found members of the news media appreciate heads’ up on how their member responds to your inquiries!

Thank you for engaging and get ready for a big week ahead!!

– GR

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