BigTobacco: The Serial Killer of Small Business Jobs

The term “Serial killer” might seem harsh, but crushing the life out of jobs at small businesses is exactly what Big Tobacco is doing. A friend shared with me an online article from Forbes that noted in the 1990-1991 recession “business failures destroyed 103,000 more jobs than business starts created.” During the 2001 recession, another 290,000 small business jobs were lost. The current recession (which some will tell you has ended) destroyed another 800,000 jobs at small businesses!

And how does Big Tobacco react to these job loss numbers? They want to eliminate more jobs. And they’re on track to doing it with Congress’s help.

TODAY’S MESSAGE: My job depends on Congress killing the BigTobacco bailout in the highway bill. More: 

How are Congress and BigTobacco going after our jobs? They’re playing a game of “pick the winner” with legislation that will eliminate Big Tobacco’s competition.

In other words, BigTobacco and Congress are making the tobacco industry a “PAY TO PLAY” arena. If mom & pop small business owners can’t pay the same costs of taxes and regulations as mega monopoly BigTobacco, then mom & pop have to get out of business.

Let’s look at reality. BigTobacco runs multi-million dollar, mammoth footprint facilities adding pollution, waste, and spent energy to the balance sheet. They run a shipping fleet of trucks, trains, and ships all over the world getting their product into the hands of consumers. From Bangkok to Austria to Los Angeles and Laredo, Texas – BigTobacco is leaving a HUGE footprint on everything.

In comparison, the mom & pop store where I occasionally buy milk, a loaf of bread, and some Gatorade: They buy their tobacco blends from a regional producer. They employ my high school sweetheart who’s raising two kids. They contribute to their local community and sponsor a charity booth during the county fair. I go in there every week or so and use an electric machine to custom roll my own smokes. And for this, BigTobacco wants them OUT OF BUSINESS. If that happens, mom & pop lose their business. Jobs are lost. A contributing piece of the community will have died.

Bottom line: For every smoke I roll for myself, BigTobacco loses a sale. Lost sales=lost profits. It’s not enough that BigTobacco grabs in excess of $44 BILLION in REVENUE a year. It’s not enough they have nearly 100 PERCENT of the cigarette market. No, they have to come after ME and mom & pop stores where we roll a little taste into our smokes.

WHAT CAN WE DO: Tell Congress to STOP the BigTobacco bailout in the federal highway bill. Tell them at a town hall meeting. Tell them on the phone. Call their offices in your town, and in Washington. Talk to your lawmakers through Facebook and Twitter. Tell them to STOP THE BIG TOBACCO BAILOUT, because it’s a job killer that raises taxes and regulations on small business.


Phone and website directory for the U.S. House:

Phone and website directory for the U.S. Senate:

Take a look at some of my previous posts to see who we need to talk with. And PLEASE use the comment section here to tell us about any reactions/responses you get from your lawmaker’s office and we’ll talk about that, too.

– TaxTrakker

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