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Big Tobacco Controls Congress… And asks for a tax increase

Alert to all people who think their taxes are already too high, read the following story from Huffington Post:

Without a doubt, Big Tobacco is only interested in their own bottom line.

Contact your member of Congress NOW at 202-224-3121 and tell them to OPPOSE H.4134 !!!

No matter what anyone tells you, H.R. 4134 is a tax increase! It was introduced by Rep. Diane Black of Tennessee. If this legislation is passed, taxes will not go down and they will not stay the same. They’ll go up. Next they’ll come after ALL tobacco products including chew, cigars, pipes, etc. Don’t let BIG TOBACCO slide this into law!


Congress Is Raising Taxes on Custom Cigarettes?!

Maybe some of you are like me. You’re a guy who brews his own coffee, seasons his own steak, changes his own oil, and rolls his own cigarettes. People like us do this because we like things OUR OWN WAY. I prefer the spicy flavors you can find in pipe tobacco for my smokes, and that’s why I take time out of my busy day to go to the head shop, carefully mix my own blend of tobacco, procure premium papers and premium filters, and sit there for 20 minutes at their machine rolling my own dope! Well, all that is about to change for you, me, and everyone in our United States.

Congress is on track to RAISING TAXES on people who roll their own. Republicans and Democrats alike are siding with BIG TOBACCO to reclassify head shops (tobacco stores) as manufacturing facilities if they let you roll your own in their shop. That reclassification will mean one of two things: the smoke shop will pay significantly HIGHER taxes, OR we’ll be forbidden from rolling our own smokes.

Big government siding with Big Tobacco on raising taxes won’t go unnoticed. Me and my family are just making it on two meager salaries. I pay my taxes, I have health insurance (no thanks to Obamacare), I make my mortgage, and I suffer like everyone else at the gas pump. If Congress raises taxes on roll your own cigarettes, ONLY because Big Tobacco is being greedy, well then that’s the end of another freedom that used to define America.

Join me in contacting your member of Congress in the House of Representatives and tell them to vote NO on any bill that would raise taxes on custom-blend smokes. It’s discriminatory and it’s a BIG money grab by BIG TOBACCO.

The U.S. House of Representatives switchboard telephone is 202-224-3121. Call and ask for your representative’s office. If you don’t know your representative, you can look him/her up by zip code. You can also go online and look it up here:

Join me and call, email, fax, every day until we kill this effort. This is yet another underhanded move by the power mongers to take away our freedom and tax every drop of blood from our bank accounts.

Here’s more information from a fairly decent report by the Wall Street Journal:¬†

I’m also calling on Grover Norquist and Americans For Tax Reform to weigh in on this backdoor attempt to raise taxes. You should call on them to help, too.

– GR